Concert Review: Counterfeit. – Stereo, Glasgow – 21/04/17

Fans of the band Counterfeit. flooded into underground venue Stereo last Friday night, eager to see the band perform prior to the release of their debut album,Together We Are Stronger.

Opening band Tigress took to the stage after exploring the venue, helping to sell their own merchandise and interacting with fans. Previously known as The Hype Theory for five years, the quintet from Chelmsford, England hadn’t played a show in Glasgow in about a year, and with an updated catalogue of singles expectations were high. They kicked their set off with “Alive,” the first track off their debut EP, Human. The band has truly grown and matured from the pop rock style of their Hype Theory days, and this new stadium rock sound is transcendent. Singer Katy Jackson is out to show that girls in rock music are a force to be reckoned with. Tigress closed their lively set with a new single, “Give Me a Chance” from their latest EP Like It Is, which is out now.

Smoke machines were tested in preparation for Counterfeit.’s grand entrance and as expected, the cheers of the crowd intensified as the house lights dimmed. The band burst onto the tightly packed stage and jumped straight into the first song of the set “Washed Out,” the opening track of Together We Are Stronger, an appropriate choice of song with its heavy punk rock vibes; it was the perfect song to kick off the bands stellar performance. Lead singer Jamie Campbell Bower, who doubles as an actor and can been seen in movies such as Sweeney Todd and the Twilight films, brought no pretentiousness of being a celebrity to the stage, and no one seemed intimidated by his fame. Counterfeit. is a perfect example of the UK’s ever growing rock, punk and alternative scene. Halfway through their set, the crowd was sweating and the air was warm. The band is certainly making their mark in the United Kingdom and Europe and they’re just about to finish off this tour.

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