Slam Dunk Festival 2019 Guide

This year’s Slam Dunk Festival is just around the corner so we decided to throw together a survival guide for new attendees.

Prioritise the artists you don’t want to miss.

Nothing is worse than turning up to a stage out of breath, sweaty, and all because you had to sprint from one end of the festival site to the other. Use the official Slam Dunk app (available here for Apple, or here for Android) to plan and keep your schedule for the day.

Don’t have any sets planned until headliners? Check out our Slam Dunk Essentials playlist on Spotify for band you should check out!

Stay hydrated!

This sounds like common sense but with doors opening at midday, you’re subjected to almost 12 hours of standing, walking or most importantly, moshing! It is so important to look after yourself and rest when you can. Comfortable clothes and shoes are a MUST if you don’t want to be miserable by the afternoon.

Have a big breakfast, lunch or if you’re fancy enough, brunch, before arriving, and if you can afford to, especially if you’re consuming alcohol, budget for some food onsite. There’s something for everyone this year and we are so excited to try some delicious vegan delicacies!

Buy a portable charger.

Posting videos of your favourite bands or phoning your lost friends takes a toll on your phone’s battery life, and the last thing you want to happen is to have a dead mobile. You can purchase one under £10 in most high street shops and if it fits in your bag (check the new SD19 bag policy first), bring it with you!

Familiarise yourself with the site.

This year in Leeds is a completely new venue for the festival, but with this trusty map, you’ll find your way to sets, signings, and the like with ease! They were also available at wristband exchange last year alongside printed set times for those who like a physical copy… or a souvenir!

Keeping a copy of the map on you at all times is a priority, familiarising yourself with the food and drink areas, signing tents and stages you’ll frequent during the day is highly recommended. It also allows for ease of deciding on meeting points if your friends don’t want to catch the same bands as you!

Check out the acoustic stage!

From experience, the acoustic stage is the perfect spot to relax at if you’re feeling tired or overwhelmed. It has the same vibes as a camp sing-along or an open mic gig and the lineup this year is incredible, John Floreani (of Trophy Eyes), tiLLie, and Lizzy Farrall are the future of Slam Dunk and the alternative scene and should not be missed. You never know, you might walk away with a new favourite musician!

Our editor Jen is heading to Leeds for the first day of this year’s festival and will be reporting from the pit on our social media profiles so let us know what you want to see, and keep your eyes peeled!

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