Concert Review: Bry – Poetry Club, Glasgow – 23/05/19

SWG3’s smallest room The Poetry Club filled quickly with a wide range of fans of YouTube musician Bry. Opener and close friend of Bry, Dave Giles delved into songs and stories so elegantly, tying each tale into the first chords of every song. Slotting some witty remarks and educating the young crowd about astronaut Eugene Cernan, before a perfect segue into his song ‘The Last Man on the Moon‘. His set was memorable, and his album ‘Tennessee and 48th‘ is worth a spin if you like intelligent songwriting and catchy choruses.

Bry followed with the same principle, weaving his discography and his personal life together with ease, drawing laughs with stories he decided to only share with the buzzing Glasgow crowd ranging from his battle with mental health issues to a scary ex-girlfriend. People wiped away the tears of their friends during fan-favourite ‘Adventure Time‘ and bounced along to ‘Disarm‘. It was an intimate gig, feeling more like a gathering of close friends, as fans old and new jeered and cracked jokes throughout the night.

Bry is currently still on tour, and we highly recommend you get down to a show if possible. Check out the remaining dates below and get your tickets here!

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