Album Review: Through Love And Death, You’re All I Have Left – Dude Trips

The big name in Scottish music right now is Lewis Capaldi, making a huge splash in the mainstream media, his new album plastered on every billboard up and down the country. In this climate it can be easy for new music to be swept aside while everyone is drooling over someone so popular but Aberdeen-based quartet Dude Trips are paving the way for the future of Scotland’s alternative-emo music scene with their new album ‘Through Love And Death, You’re All I Have Left’.

Opening song ‘Blank Canvas’ paints the most beautiful scene for the rest of the record, setting the tone musically and lyrically. Followed perfectly by ‘In Between Days’ and the first single from the album, ‘Documentaries’ has one of the catchiest choruses of 2019, ready to be screamed along to by a massive crowd of fans.

“This record is for the heartbroken, it’s for anyone who has lost a friend, a family member. It’s for the ones struggling with mental health & for the people who’re struggling to come to terms with a break up.”

via Dude Trips Facebook

Through ‘Tampa Bay’, a song that was originally part of their 2017 EP ‘Sad Lads’ is the heart-wrenching breakup song of the century, Capaldi wishes it was in his repertoire. The title track “Through Love and Death” closes the album, leaving the listener with something rare to be desired… more. Ten songs feel like ten seconds when you have been swept away in waves of such raw emotion.

If you enjoy bands such as Moose Blood, Movements, and even The Wonder Years, Dude Trips have perfected the blend of catchy alternative music, clean guitar tones, and impeccable penmanship and storytelling resembling that of Dan Campbell of The Wonder Years.

Here’s where you can find the band online:

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