New Music Alert: Lauren Tate

We’ve worked with Hands Off Gretel closely in the past, especially during the release of their album ‘I Want The World’ but only months later, front-woman Lauren Tate is set to release her first solo album in 5 years, ‘Songs for Sad Girls’.

Lauren is a powerhouse of incredible DIY feminine excellence, and not only self-produced and recorded all instruments on her debut album but designed all the album artwork and merchandise too.

Second song from the album ‘What About The Kids’ dropped over the weekend, and unsurprisingly Lauren also directed the music video! Seriously, what can she not do?

“The song is from a child’s point of view speaking to her father addressing gun violence in America. I wanted the song to highlight issues around gun control and the importance of children’s future in a world where nobody is listening to them. I wrote this song to sing for those that won’t ever get the chance to do so.”  

What About The Kids – Lauren Tate

‘Songs For Sad Girls’ is available for pre-order here:

Find Lauren Tate online at:

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