New Music Alert: Wonk Unit

Wonk Unit, are a unique punk band from Croydon, and have just dropped ‘Cyclists’, furthering the band’s inimitable take on the genre of punk itself with the single taking a shot at selfish cyclists. No, we’re not kidding.

“Last Summer on route to a festival on some country lane we were unfortunate enough to get stuck behind two cyclists, yes two abreast,” explains frontman Alex Johnson. “Did they care about the motorcade snaking behind them? Cause not! Go read the highway code – two abreast is cool but ONLY IN CERTAIN SITUATIONS. DO NOT OBSTRUCT THE FLOW OF TRAFFIC. It’s the rules. So, I was tapping my hands on the dashboard when the funk took hold. “Cyclists riding 2 abreast blocking traffic, blocking traffic”. Then I did some rapping (but thankfully that never made it onto the single.) After about three months the cyclists decided to fix a puncture and we made it to the festival. By then the song was already a Wonk winner in the van! We jammed it in soundcheck and was a hit in our set later that night. The end.”

The single proves that music truly does transcend lyrical boundaries, and the DIY green screen video adds an extra level of humour to the lyrics and conveys the sheer frustration experienced by Alex that caused the song to be written.

To find out more about Wonk Unit or check out their upcoming tour dates, visit here.

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