Feature: Cruel Hearts Club – ‘Suck It Up’

Fresh off the back of touring with The Libertines at the end of 2019, grunge pop-rock trio Cruel Hearts Club are ready to kick off 2020 in style with their new single ‘Suck It Up’. The band’s first single of the new decade, following the massive ‘Hey Compadre‘, is a clear indicator that Edie, Gita, and Gabi are here to make the UK’s thriving alternative music scene their own, and this is only the beginning…

We caught up with the band to ask them about the new single and their plans for the rest of 2020.

Speak Soft Magazine: To kick things off, you finished off 2019 playing some shows with The Libertines, how was that for you all? 

Cruel Hearts Club: “We’ve supported The Libs a few times now and it’s always an amazing night.  They’re such an iconic band and the fans are so intense but they seem to really like our music too and we’ve always had a great reception at the gigs.”

SSM: So your new single ‘Suck It Up’ is coming out soon, are you excited to share it with the world? 

CHC: “Of course – we’ve put our blood sweat and tears (a lot of tears) into it, so we can’t wait for it to come out kicking and screaming!”

SSM: What is the core meaning of the song to you? 

CHC: “It’s essentially an escape from mundane life, finding paradise in a Mad Max journey kind of way.”

SSM: The music video features all of the CHC children, what was it like bringing them into your world for the day? 

CHC: “We bribed them all with £20 and a day on the arcades in Margate where we filmed – cheap labour.  They totally rocked it, so much more rock and roll than us. Mildly concerning how much they loved graffitiing and gobbing on the camera man.”

SSM: Musically, who would you say your biggest influences are?  

CHC: “We love the 90’s grunge bands – ElasticaSmashing PumpkinsHole, mixed with some Britney Spears and No Doubt.”

SSM: Following the recent Reading & Leeds Festival lineup announcement that faced controversy due to a lack of women, do you think it is important for young girls to feel represented on and off stage especially at such a prevalent UK music event? 

CHC: “Yes they should be represented – we are available guys! guys??  On a serious note, I think it starts from the ground up, girls having the opportunity and being encouraged to play guitar / drums / learn about production and sound engineering from an earlier age and being shown that it’s not just a boy thing.  We all learnt classical instruments when we were younger – man, if only I’d been handed a Fender instead of a violin, I could shred like Jimi Hendrix by now.  And WTF with learning the recorder in schools?  Way to put kids off music for life. We’re lucky to know and to have worked with a couple of female producers and engineers but they are very much in the minority, it’s like seeing a unicorn which is crazy really.” 

SSM: Leading on from that, what would you say to younger female fans of your band who think they can’t do what you guys are doing?  

CHC: “I’d say ask Santa for a guitar for Christmas and practice like a motherfucker. Well, without the swearing.”

SSM: Finally, what can we expect to see from Cruel Hearts Club in 2020?  

CHC: “Our single ‘Suck It Up’ comes out late Feb followed by another single in May with an album hopefully by the end of the year.  We are supporting the legend that is Sting in Germany and also performing 5 nights at The Palladium with him in September too.”

Fierce and feminine, the band are destined to stand out from the crowd and demand to be seen and heard. ‘Suck It Up‘ is the perfect anthem, combining catchy pop with killer riffs. Move over Spice Girls, there’s a new girl power band in charge.

Suck It Up‘ is available on all streaming platforms now!



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