Speak Soft Magazine was created in 2017 by music photographer and journalist Jen McAnally (JenxJoyce Photography).

Jen McAnally

Hey! I’m Jen. Music enthusiast first and foremost, but tragically mediocre at every instrument I have ever tried to play, which is probably why I ended up shooting concert, reviewing music, and interviewing artists instead!

My first taste of working for a publication wasn’t great, and admittedly I was in over my head, I shot and reviewed two shows for them before leaving. As I grew more interested in photography, at every gig I attended, my eyes would end up glued to every photographer in sight, and to my frustration, most of them were men. I had friends who struggled to obtain passes or secure interviews with bands because they were girls and it enraged me, so I had the idea to create this website right here. It never occurred to me that it would ultimately turn my whole career around!

Favourite band of all time?

Has to be My Chemical Romance, they were a game changer for me growing up!

Best concert you have seen?

Tie between seeing As It Is at the O2 Ritz in Manchester, 2018 or Paramore at the Hydro in Glasgow, 2017.

Dream artist to work with or for?

Again, any artist I grew up admiring, My Chemical Romance, Paramore, Green Day, and maybe even McFly and if I’m being really ambitious, Lady Gaga.