Riskee and The Ridicule release new single ‘In The Dark We Dwell’

Our new favourite punks from Kent Riskee and The Ridicule have just dropped a new single straight from their new album ‘Body Bag Your Scene’ – out June 28th via Bomber Music.

The song and video marks a dramatic departure from the first single from the record ‘Kaboom‘, was directed entirely by the band. It also includes a respectful nod to the late Keith Flint (of The Prodigy) and anyone suffering from their own internal darkness.

“‘In The Dark We Dwell’ is about gravitating towards self destruction. It’s an insight in to the past. It’s about who we used to be and who we are now.”

Frontman Scott Picking

Check out the video below alongside where to find more of the band online:





Album Review: Through Love And Death, You’re All I Have Left – Dude Trips

The big name in Scottish music right now is Lewis Capaldi, making a huge splash in the mainstream media, his new album plastered on every billboard up and down the country. In this climate it can be easy for new music to be swept aside while everyone is drooling over someone so popular but Aberdeen-based quartet Dude Trips are paving the way for the future of Scotland’s alternative-emo music scene with their new album ‘Through Love And Death, You’re All I Have Left’.

Opening song ‘Blank Canvas’ paints the most beautiful scene for the rest of the record, setting the tone musically and lyrically. Followed perfectly by ‘In Between Days’ and the first single from the album, ‘Documentaries’ has one of the catchiest choruses of 2019, ready to be screamed along to by a massive crowd of fans.

“This record is for the heartbroken, it’s for anyone who has lost a friend, a family member. It’s for the ones struggling with mental health & for the people who’re struggling to come to terms with a break up.”

via Dude Trips Facebook

Through ‘Tampa Bay’, a song that was originally part of their 2017 EP ‘Sad Lads’ is the heart-wrenching breakup song of the century, Capaldi wishes it was in his repertoire. The title track “Through Love and Death” closes the album, leaving the listener with something rare to be desired… more. Ten songs feel like ten seconds when you have been swept away in waves of such raw emotion.

If you enjoy bands such as Moose Blood, Movements, and even The Wonder Years, Dude Trips have perfected the blend of catchy alternative music, clean guitar tones, and impeccable penmanship and storytelling resembling that of Dan Campbell of The Wonder Years.

Here’s where you can find the band online:



Hands Off Gretel Release ‘Freaks Like Us’ Video

ICYMI: Hands Off Gretel dropped their new music video for “Freaks Like Us’ this week. This is the fourth video release from their highly acclaimed sophomore album “I Want The World’ that we reviewed a few months ago.

The video is a visual departure from the grunge skate-punk vibe of ‘I Want the World‘ and was directed, edited, and produced by band front woman Lauren Tate.

“‘Freaks Like Us’ is an anthem for the outcasts; for those that ever feel misunderstood and alone. I really needed this song on my iPod when I was at school. The video takes me back to getting banned from performing at the school talent show, when I flipped the middle finger to the girls sat whispering and laughing at me in the audience. Writing this song for me was a way of saying ‘Just watch me’ embracing who I am and continuing to prove all that doubted me, wrong.’”

Lauren Tate

Hands Off Gretel kick off their UK tour in support of the new album and run of festival appearances this month, here’s where to catch them:

  • Album Tour
  • 20th June – Bodega – Nottingham
  • 21st June – Clwb Ifor Bach – Cardiff
  • 22nd June – The 1865 – Southampton
  • 23rd June – Suburbs The Holdroyd – Guildford
  • 4th July – Louisiana – Bristol
  • 5th July – Shacklewell Arms – London
  • 6th July – The Prince Albert – Brighton
  • 10th July – Fulford Arms – York
  • 11th July – Think Tank – Newcastle
  • 12th July – Broadcast – Glasgow
  • 13th July – Bannermans – Edinburgh

New Music Alert: Riskee and The Ridicule

Here at Speak Soft Magazine, we are massive fans of discovering new music, and watching the next generation of the alternative music scene’s royalty blossom.

We’d like to introduce you to Kent-based grime punk band, Riskee and The Ridicule. Following their DIY releases ‘Dawn Of The Dog’ and 2017’s ‘Blame Culture’, the band have now signed with label Bomber Music to release their third studio album, ‘Body Bag Your Scene’ on June 28th.

In the meantime, they have just dropped a music video for single ‘Kaboom’, available to stream below.

Riskee and The Ridicule are well known for their punk takes on modern day issues, from politics and the media to drug addiction and consent, and ‘Kaboom’ is only just a taster of what’s to come with their new record.

“We chose the word ‘Kaboom’ because of its use in comic books ‘to indicate a large explosion’. Comic books can print what they like, and people know it’s fiction. Newspapers do the same and people take it as the truth.”

– Frontman Scott Picking on the title of the song.

If you’re a fan of underground DIY punk goodness, we highly recommend you pick up a copy of ‘Body Bag Your Scene’ next month and get yourself down to a show!

Find more about Riskee and The Ridicule here:

Album Review: I Want The World – Hands Off Gretel

After premiering the music video for Hands Off Gretel’s “I Want The World”, the title track of the new album on our site, we knew the Yorkshire-based quartet were truly a force to be reckoned with, and with the imminent release of their independently produced album, we thought we would talk you through what to expect.

The album opens strong, lead by single “Kiss Me Girl”, an infectious punk number, singer Lauren Tate’s lyrics are reminiscent of Courtney Love’s penmanship, with possibly the catchiest chorus of 2019. We can promise it will be stuck in your head for days!

Songs like “S.A.S.S”, “Big Boy”, “I Want The World”, and “Alien” are quintessential riot-girl numbers that are seething with femme energy, perfect soundtracks for girl gangs all over the world to jam to.

On the other hand, “It’s My Fault”, “Blame Myself”, “Fingers”, and “Freaks Like Us” are melancholy fuelled ballads of angsty teenage frustration, something that every girl or woman has experienced and can relate to.

“Milk” is unlike the other songs on the album, and to me is the only one that defies boundaries, and is a direct attack on the dairy industry. I believe this is the first vegan anthem I have ever heard and I absolutely love it.

“Rot (All The Good Things)” is the perfect closing song, in my opinion, encapsulating everything that Hands Off Gretel are so accomplished in, making raw punk anthems with the most memorable choruses and bridges to be screamed along to at the top of your lungs.

Under the layers of punk rock, riot girl, and grunge, ‘I Want The World’ has something for everyone to enjoy. If you’re a fan of Hole, No Doubt, or Babes In Toyland, this is a band for you. Hands Off Gretel’s whole aesthetic is conveyed so beautifully musically and physically with the CD, that we definitely recommend you pick up!

Favourite Song: It’s My Fault or Rot (All The Good Things)
Favourite Lyric: “Girl on fire! Girl to crash and burn!”
Overall Rating: 7/10

Find Hands Off Gretel at:




Hands Off Gretel Release ‘I Want The World’ Video

Photo by Helen Tate

The birth of the feminist riot girl movement may have been over forty years ago, and the early 1990s may have solidified it as a punk subculture with bands such as Bikini Kill and Hole but 2019 may just be the rebirth of the genre in the form of South Yorkshire based band Hands Off Gretel

When front woman Lauren Tate dropped out of school in 2015, the 16-year-old self-confessed misfit wasted no time in finding an outlet to channel every bit of the alienation and despair experienced within those concrete walls into something cathartic and creative. Hands Off Gretel quickly set about creating the perfect soundtrack of sugar-coated grunge-punk for Lauren to vent and rail against the issues of body image, mental health, celebrity, childhood and loneliness she felt enraged by, all of which were addressed from a fiercely female, unapologetic, feminist perspective. 

The band posted the pre-order for their new album via Pledge Music, and had their goal fully pledged in less than 24 hours (what an achievement!). 

Currently they are sat well over 200% pledged and if that isn’t enough to make you check them out, here is all you need to know about Hands Off Gretel’s second studio album:

01. The new album is called ‘I Want The World’

‘With the new album we wanted to incorporate more of a pop production to our sound, capturing the wildness and brashness of the fuzz guitars and heavy drums mixed with a flirtatious pop fruitiness,” describes Lauren.

“I worked hard at crafting catchy melodies and layering my harmonies throughout the whole album,” she continues. “All the while keeping the grit and angst people love in our live shows. It was the most natural progression for us being able to express ourselves in different ways without losing what we have at our core.”

02. It’s being released March 29, 2019 through the band’s own label, Puke Pop Records. The album art looks a little something like this:

03. The track-listing looks like this:

1) Kiss Me Girl

2) S.A.S.S

3) Big Boy

4) It’s My Fault

5) I Want The World

6) Blame Myself

7) Alien

8) Freaks Like Us

9) Milk

10) Fingers

11) My Friend Said

12) Rot (All The Good Things)

04. The new single ‘I Want The World’ is live now, and you can watch the official video below:

“‘I Want The World’ is about how I’ve felt since I was a little girl,” she adds. “I’ve always felt shushed and muted. Everyone’s always told me to stop showing off or stop being unrealistic and so I’m constantly thinking of ways to give everyone who doubted I could do this or ridiculed me the middle finger. The album is about feeling rejected and acting out, wanting acceptance from a society you don’t even want to be part of. I’m channeling my childhood throughout it all, always being alone and fighting my own battles. The only track that doesn’t fit this theme is Kiss Me Girl, that’s just my lesbian anthem because I felt the world lacked them and I wanted to piss off homophobes.”

“It feels like I wrote this album 6 years ago in a school toilet whilst skipping class and hiding from the world,” continues Lauren. “The way I felt so ostracised and alone, like I didn’t fit in anywhere. It became my mission to sing for the outcasts, the weird kids, the ones that feel mis-represented in society and left behind like I do. I made it my obligation at 15 to make as much noise as possible as a young woman, to challenge everything.”

Catch the band live at the following dates:

Thurs 28th March – London Album Launch – Nambucca London

Fri 29th March – Home Town album Launch – Old School House Venue Barnsley, South Yorkshire

April tour – ‘This Feeling’ Tour

Sat 6th April – Brighton – Hope & Ruin

Sat 20th April – Sheffield Café Totem

26th April – Glasgow – Broadcast

27th April – Edinburgh – Sneaky Pete’s

Find Hands Off Gretel at:




New Music Alert: Simple Creatures

Blink-182‘s bassist turned Twitter sensation Mark Hoppus and All Time Low‘s wordsmith Alex Gaskarth have joined forces, created supergroup Simple Creatures and dropped a new single ‘Drug‘.

The new band dropped the link to their first single ‘Drug‘ across their social media platforms with the message:

“Hi. We are Simple Creatures. We just woke up from a very long sleep. We have so much to tell you, but for the moment, all we can say is that we are glad you are here.

We made music for you …

It is Drug.”

Simple Creature‘s debut EP is set to be released in March of this year, according to this tweet from Mark.

Exciting times!