Photo Gallery: Issues – Cathouse – 13/10/19

Issues at the famous Cathouse in Glasgow, all photos by Jen McAnally.

New Music Alert: ‘Trash Talk’ by Lazybones

Brighton-based alt-rock trio Lazybones have just dropped their latest single ‘Trash Talk’ today, and if you’re a fan of Queens of the Stone Age meets Yeah Yeah Yeahs, we have the perfect song for you.

Vocalist Candi Underwood explains ‘Trash Talk’, is about “That moment when you know you’re about to say something you’ll regret, when you’re right on the edge and you just can’t stop it.”

Catch the band on tour in the UK this month at the following dates:

Hawthorne Heights Cover Ramones ‘Pet Sematary’ & Announce New EP

In homage to supporting pop-punk kings New Found Glory on their From The Screen To Your Stereo To Your Town tour, emo legends Hawthorne Heights decided to join in on the fun and have just dropped a cover of ‘Pet Sematary’ by The Ramones. Perfectly timing the release for the Halloween season.

“What is better than October and The RamonesHawthorne Heights has been notoriously obtuse when it comes to doing cover songs. For some reason, The Ramones are the great equalizer for us.” shares vocalist JT Woodruff.

“We all love the Stephen King book, and watched the movie growing up, so it was a true no brainer for us. The significance is that it got us to play covers together after all of these years, and it opened our eyes to how fun it can be. In honour of one of the best months of the year, one of the best punk bands of all time, and the best storyteller that has ever existed: we give you our version of Pet Sematary. We’ve never down strummed so much guitar in our lives.”

Accompanying this incredible cover is the news that Hawthorne Heights will be releasing a collection of B-Sides and Rarities titled Lost Frequencies, out 8th November via Pure Noise RecordsThe band also dropped another sparkling new single and music video for ‘Hard To Breathe’.

Check out both singles and be sure to pre-order the EP here.

Hawthorne Heights will be returning to the UK in 2020 for a very special tour to celebrate 15 years of the Silence In Black and White album, here’s where to catch them:

2nd February – The Asylum – Birmingham 
3rd February – The Deaf Institute – Manchester
4th February – The Garage Attic Bar – Glasgow
5th February – Think Tank – Newcastle 
6th February – The Leadmill 2 – Sheffield 
7th February – O2 Academy – Islington
8th February – O2 Academy – Islington

Concert Review: Tigress – King Tut’s, Glasgow – 07/10/19

After a stint at Glasgow’s legendary King Tut’s mere months ago, supporting Aussies Between You And Me and Canada’s own Story Untold, our favourite pop-rockers Tigress were finally back with a bang and a killer headline slot 

Opening the show with local alternative rock band, Deter, alongside Edinburgh’s energetic pop rock quintet Forrest Can’t Run, and the final support band for the evening, Glasgow locals Killing Our Darlings bring a darker electronic rock sound to the stage. The evening presents a perfect mix of bands, music that does exactly what it says on the tin, makes heads bounce and bodies move. The crowd made up with familiar faces, friends and family of all the bands, regular attendees of Glasgow gigs, the small venue packed with a true Scottish turn out in support of all the bands on the bill.

Tigress take to the stage, dropping single after single with an elevated intensity, smashing through fan favourites ‘Power Lines‘ and ‘Over Your Love‘. Front woman Katy Jackson‘s onstage energy is infectious and empowering, considering the crowd is made up of a lot of young women. The band treat the crowd to a new song, different to the classic Tigress we’ve grown to love, but a new sound that is guaranteed to blow everyone away when it is finally released! Although the show wasn’t a sell out, the atmosphere was electric, valuing quality over quantity.

Photos and words by Jen McAnally.

We have some videos from the show coming soon too!

Doll Skin Interview

Our editor Jen met with the Doll Skin girls before they hit the stage supporting Trash Boat in Glasgow, for a chat about their new album, musical influences, and women in the alternative music scene.

For just the audio, visit our SoundCloud!

Nicole (Bass), Meghan (Drums), Sydney (Vocals), Alex (Guitar), Jen (Editor)

Vukovi Announce New Album ‘Fall Better’

You read that correctly, our favourite Scottish rockers Vukovi are BACK with a bang. Not only is their new album coming January 24th 2020 but they have also dropped a new single ‘All That Candy’ to accompany the announcement.

Although throughout 2019 we have already given three tasters of ‘Fall Better’, with singles ‘C.L.A.U.D.I.A’ and ‘Behave’ teasing Vukovi’s next musical era and second studio album.

Many of the lyrics on ‘Fall Better’ are influenced by a condition that frontwoman Janine Shilstone was diagnosed with in the time since the last Vukovi album in 2017. Thought Action Fusion is a disorder that can lead those who have it to believe that their actions are guided by an external presence; in Janine’s case, this presence took the form of a shadow “that makes decisions for me, and decides whether something good or bad is going to happen to me on any given day.”

Although mental illness is a difficult subject to touch on but with Janine opening up about her struggles so publicly, she believes it is all part of the band’s mission statement.

“I want our songs to let people know that they’re not alone in feeling crazy,” she says. “I want to give people who feel that way a little bit of comfort. I want them to feel less alone. I want to let people know that it’s okay to be weird, and for them not to feel isolated because of it. Our fan base is a beautiful army of weirdos, and I want that to grow. I want them all to feel like they belong here.”

Pre-order ‘Fall Better’ at:

‘Fall Better’ Artwork

‘Fall Better’ track listing: 

1. 17359
2. Violet Minds
3. Aura
4. C.L.A.U.D.I.A
5. Behave
6. Play With Me Cos I Can Take Me
7. Verify Your Worth
8. All That Candy
9. I’m Sorry
10. Where Are You
11. White Lies
12. Run/Hide

Album Review: Songs For Sad Girls – Lauren Tate

We’ve worked closely with the band Hands Off Gretel in the past, and reviewed their latest album ‘I Want The World’, but merely months after the release, front woman Lauren Tate announced she would be releasing her first solo studio album in five years through her own record label Trash Queen Records. Lauren is a musical powerhouse; not only writing, recording, mixing and producing the album but presenting her artistic skills in the album’s artwork.

‘Songs For Sad Songs’ is a thirteen track adventure, tip-toeing through sensitive subjects ranging from grooming, abusive relationships, to mental illness. The two singles from the record differ greatly in message but at the same time, they are closely linked, conveying two life changing political and social issues. ‘Miss American Perfect Body’ is about women in the media and body image, a catchy soft grunge anthem guaranteed to have you swaying with a lighter in the air in no time. On the other hand, the second single ‘What About The Kids’ is a heart-wrenching account of a school shooting, from the perspective of a victim addressing her father. “The song is from a child’s point of view speaking to her father addressing gun violence in America.

“I wanted the song to highlight issues around gun control and the importance of children’s future in a world where nobody is listening to them. I wrote this song to sing for those that won’t ever get the chance to do so.”  

Other notable mentions on the album include ‘Can’t Keep my Hands Off You’ is a classic love/hate pop rock ballad, portraying an “asshole” boyfriend or love interest that Lauren can’t escape, hence the title. ‘He Wanted More’ is a grungy song, one of the heavier parts of the album, lyrically painting a frustrating portrait of being told you’re not good enough by someone who supposedly loves you. ‘He Loves Me’ covers an abusive relationship in a jazzier tempo, a stand out part of the chorus being the phrase “I know you only hurt me ‘cause you love me, right?”

‘Rock N Roll Radio’, a narrative song, telling a tale of grooming from the perspective of a fifteen year old befriending a thirty-one year old man who is then revealed to be married. Whether or not Tate has personally experienced some of the issues raised throughout ‘Songs For Sad Girls’ does not take away from her incredible penmanship, making every song feel so raw and personal without taking too much away from the music itself. 

“My lyrics are honest and brutal with songs about domestic abuse, body image, feminism and fear of dying. I wanted it to sound like a girl writing in her diary, unapologetic and imperfect like real girls are.”

Closing song ‘Teddy’ is gritty nostalgia-fuelled song, Lauren yearns for the comfort of her childhood toys, ending the album on a blue note, but it almost feels appropriate. ‘Songs For Sad Girls’ really is an album for sad girls, and is possibly a weapon to make young impressionable women realise they are not alone in their feelings or experiences. Lauren Tate is influencing a whole new generation of riot girls, unafraid to be loud and angry and especially in the music industry, demanding to be visible and to be listened to. 

Preorder ‘Songs For Sad Girls’ here: