Concert Review: Counterfeit. – Stereo, Glasgow – 21/04/17

Fans of the band Counterfeit. flooded into underground venue Stereo last Friday night, eager to see the band perform prior to the release of their debut album,Together We Are Stronger. Opening band Tigress took to the stage after exploring the venue, helping to sell their own merchandise and interacting with fans. Previously known as TheContinue reading “Concert Review: Counterfeit. – Stereo, Glasgow – 21/04/17”

Concert Review: Patent Pending – King Tut’s, Glasgow – 18/04/17

The famous Glaswegian venue King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut is possibly the beating heart of this city’s music scene. Any other bar or venue would be quiet on a relatively mild Tuesday night in April, but this small venue is bustling with fans of the American pop-punk band, Patent Pending. There is an indescribable atmosphereContinue reading “Concert Review: Patent Pending – King Tut’s, Glasgow – 18/04/17”