A Conversation With Vukovi’s Janine Shilstone

Glaswegian rock band Vukovi have been making big waves in the UK and international alternative music scenes recently following the release of their latest album ‘Fall Better‘. We spoke to front woman Janine Shilstone about the creative process and influences before they headed for their short UK tour and HMV signing events in support of the album.

‘Fall Better’ has a lot of references to mental health and your Thought Action Fusion diagnosis, did this come naturally or as a band did you decide to write about these topics?

“It was the easiest thing for me to write about at the time. Like I had to get it all out to stop me from imploding.”

Following on from that question, is there a song on the album that was particularly cathartic to write? 

“Most of them to be honest. ‘White Lies’ was about something that I never thought I’d talk about lyrically. I will explain what it’s about at some point but don’t think I’m quite ready for our fans to know yet.”

Who were your biggest influences while writing songs for this album?

 “Bring Me The Horizon definitely, Grimes, Billie Eilish, Halsey, Don Broco.”

Has the gap between your self-titled album in 2017 and ‘Fall Better’ given you time to experiment more? 

“It has given us time to get better at songwriting for sure, I definitely found myself listening to a lot more music and watching a lot more film and TV as well which I found really inspiring.”

If ‘Fall Better’ was the soundtrack to a film, what film would it be and why?

“It wasn’t a film but I’d say if ‘Skins’ was remade in 100 years. It’s a coming of age soundtrack, learning to like yourself even though you have a lot of darkness inside you.”

What song are you most excited to play live for the first time? 

‘”RUN/HIDE’ all day!”

Where did you get the inspiration for the intro and interlude on the album? 

“I was watching a lot of dystopian stuff on Netflix e.g ‘Altered Carbon’, ‘Black Mirror’ (massive influence), ‘Blade Runner’. I wanted it to feel like the album was set in the future drawing attention to “in app purchases”. You can’t just buy something nowadays without having to buy extras to get the full experience.”  

And finally, as fellow Scots, do you have any advice for upcoming musicians in our growing music scene? 

“Have a good USP (Unique Selling Point). What’s gonna separate you from the hundreds of other bands in your scene? When doing promo shots ALWAYS GO HARD! Be extreme with the imagery. And obviously write good tunes.”

‘Fall Better’ is available to stream and physical copies can be found here.